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Barcelona’s European Museum of Modern Art. © FT 2014

What is design?

Is it creativity? Is it artistic talent? Is it an ability to draw very well?

Can a designer draw or paint?

Can a painter design?

Why do people say, “I appreciate what Picasso did, but I wouldn’t want it on my wall”?
Or, “I don’t know much about art but I know what I like!”
Or even, “My five-year-old could do that!”


Can a food critic cook like a Michelin chef? Can a movie reviewer direct a classic film? Can a reader write well? Can an advanced driver design and build a car?

The answer is most likely, “NO!”

Because using or experiencing something is not the same as inventing it or creating it.











Simply being able to wield a spanner, a brush, a pen, a typewriter, or a camera doesn’t make us the thing we think we are – or that we should be.

It takes practice. And focus. And passion. And enthusiasm. And the knowledge that – even when we are aged and sitting on that rocking chair at the old age home – we will still be creating, designing, imagining in our every waking moment.

And finally, it takes a very thick skin to withstand the slings and arrows of “My kid could do that!”

Great. Betcha he could unblock your drains too…

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