…if you go chasing rabbits…

The easiest way down a rabbit hole is via a web browser – one that is loaded with Google and Chromed to the hilt.Down_the_Rabbit_Hole.png

One phrase, “Let me check something….” and your morning morphs into the afternoon, while 36 tabs do a route march across the top of your screen. Then pages start to act like a fly stuck in honey – slow and kludgy – but you persist, because you are in pursuit of that elusive something that flitted across your brain six hours ago.

The crunch is that you can’t quite remember what that ‘something’ was now.

Was it personal?

Was it business related?

Something to do with family?

Groceries, maybe?

An unpaid bill?

An invoice that has been forgotten?

Banking? Did I do the banking?

But now there are 36 Very Important Tabs left open, and you know you really must look at them, otherwise why did you open them in the first place?

And then one starts playing music – because, Google Ads.

Things get slower. The fly is well and truly mired now. But you can’t close the tabs! What if one is The Most Important Thing That You Looked At Today?

A quick glance at a few of the pages makes you realise that you’re also enmeshed in reams of clickbait. And most of that is simply repeated across multiple pages.

Durban Mom Beats Casino!
Problem being that Durban Mom is posed in front of a left-hand drive car with Texas plates.

Oprah Nears Tragic End!
Actually, the only end she’s near is the dirty end of a Photoshop effects brush that’s given her a black eye and more wrinkles than Karoo biltong.

And all this clickbait is recycling itself across more than half of the 36 tabs that are open.

The Web is a rabbit hole. It takes discipline not to get sucked into the darkness. One of my favourite uses for it is to learn something via YouTube, particularly as I am a Think–See–Do kind of person. But again, one YouTube video on how to cut out hair on a detailed background leads to another video on how to get a sketch effect in three simple steps.

Lost! I am Lost! In pursuit of Knowing….but absorbing very little.

Now. If you will excuse me, I have 36 tabs to close.

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